His Eminence on tour in Russia and in Kalmykia

His Eminence will bestow empowerment and teachings on "FULL CYCLE OF TAGSHAM-YIDAM-GONGDUE" during his upcoming visit in Kalmykia and Russia, in the end of August – September 2013.

It is a great honor that His Eminence Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoché agreed to bestow the "FULL CYCLE OF TAGSHAM-YIDAM-GONGDUE" in Kalmykia. It is such a rare opportunity to be part of these Empowerments and we would be happy that as much sangha members and friends of Ripa as possible could take part in the transmission.

Before the Tagsham Empowerments there will be Hayagriva Drub-chod.

After Kalmykia His Eminence will visit Moscow, where there He will perform Gesar Enrichment Practice, Gesar Enriching Fire Puja and Blessing by Chod. Please, pay attention that Moscow and Kalmykia is organized by two different organizations (Ripa Russia and Ripa Kalmykia)


August 20-September 7: Elista (Kalmykia)

August 23 – 30 Hayagriva Drubcho

September 1 -7 Transmission of Taksham Yidam Gongdu cycle

Please find here (in English) more information about the visit program of His Eminence, or visit the website (in Russian)  of Ripa in Kalmykia .


10-18 September: Moscow (Russia)

Please find here more information, or visit the website of Ripa Russia (information related to the visit of His Eminence is available in English).


A fine start to the year at Ried

They sometimes say that the first days of the year set the tone for the next twelve months. If this is true, then we can already say that 2013 will be a great year for our centre!


NDR_DZRT_201301At Ried, the passage towards the New Year started with the Dzogchen retreat, guided by His Eminence Tertön Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche. It was an amazing retreat on all levels, and was held in a warm, fraternal, studious and active atmosphere.
For a week, profound teachings and practices alternated with participation in everyday chores. Of course, serving our Masters, as well as cleaning and washing up, are all parts of our practice.
Then, organised by the Tibetan community in Switzerland, there was a whole day dedicated to Guru Rinpoche, including a puja with a tsok and an empowerment given by His Eminence. Almost a hundred people attended. They were mainly Tibetans and their families, as well as some western students. To close the day, Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche addressed the following words to us: "It is wonderful that this fusion between our eastern and western RIPA Sangha is starting to take place in this centre. Without such a centre, it wouldn't have been possible. This event, the fact that we could take part in this day of initiation and tsok together, means a lot, especially to the Tibetans in Switzerland, because they are so far from their own cultural and monastic roots... It is their way of connecting back to their culture, their religion and their spiritual path with the Teacher... And I really appreciate the effort that Tibetans have made in organising this event and in inviting all the western students to take part. Always, whenever there is a Tibetan program, it is guaranteed that it is going to be noisy! But it's also fun, and it is a sign of being relaxed, actually. It means one doesn't have to be so uptight about everything... You know, even drinking water can be stressful for some people, but we don't have to behave like that. In the near future, this kind of joint event will take place more and more, so prepare for more noise!"

H.E. Tertön Namkha Drimed Rabjam Rinpoche


Exhibition of Buddhist Relics

A great success for our center



Hosting the Maitreyas Heart Shrine World Relic Tour from 12-14th of October was the first big public event to be organised in the RIPA International Center and it was a great success.

In fact, more than two thousand people visited over the weekend. For some, it was their first contact with Buddhism, for others it was an opportunity to contemplate, meditate and immerse themselves in the energy emanating from this precious collection of relics (such as those of Buddha Shakyamuni and, closer to us, Kalu Rinpoche and His Holiness Penor Rinpoche).

 Amongst those relics, which have already travelled through more than fifty different countries all over the world,RT_expo_YT two displays in particular moved RIPA lineage students.  The first is a small bit of parchment dating back from the 8th Century, on which one can discover a few lines of Yeshe Tsogyal’s own handwriting. The second, placed near the  first, consists of a  few relics of Guru Rinpoche - Padmasambhava.


To complement the weekend’s warm and friendly atmosphere, the large dining room was transformed into a “coffee shop”. Here we could have tea, coffee or apple juice and choose from some two thousand five hundred homemade cakes, baked in the centre’s large kitchen by a team of Padma Ling Switzerland RIPA students, assisted by friendswho had come specially to lend a hand and welcome visitors.


  RT_buffet RT_kitchen_LlMarian